Vitaliy Opekan & Elena Kalashnikova. Figure Skating on Roller Blades!
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Prices 2013-2014 years! Performance cost: 15000 Rubles in the Moscow and 20000 Rubles outside the Moscow.
Single performance : 10000 Rubles; other cities by arrangement + 5000 for each extra performance + travel expences and accommodation; Other variants by arrangement.
Our Pereformances and Events:

March/5/2015 DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. Moscow.
March/1/2015 Figure Skating Workshop by Vitaliy Opekan. Park Severniy Rechnoy Vokzal. Moscow, Russia. , VIDEO .
Feb/21/2015 "Maslenitsa (16-22/February)" . Performance at DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. ulitsa Novaya, 2. Moscow, Russia.
Feb/17/2015 Seneshal. Senezh Lake. Solnechnogorsk. Russia.
Feb/13/2015 Moscow
Jan/24/2015. 21:00. Figure Skating peformance on the Senezhskoe Lake. Solnechnogorsk. Russia.
Jan/20/2015 Performance at DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. Moscow, Russia.
Jan/5/2015 Performance on natural ice at Arthurs Spa. Katuar. Russia.
Dec/23/2014 Performance. Moscow, Russia.
Dec/20/2014 Kaluga. Russia
Dec/19/2014  Gatsby Style Inline Figure Skating performance. Moscow, Russia.
Dec/11/2014. The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow, Russia. Tverskaya, 3. Performance. 20:00.
Dec/11/2014. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", ulitsa Novaya, 2. DK  Anniversary, 75 Year. 15:00. Moscow, Russia.
Oct/23/2014. "Evropeyskiy" Center. Fantasmic! Figure skating performance. Moscow, Russia.
Sept/6/2014 Celebration Day of Moscow. Concert. ulitsa Novaya, 9.  12:00-14:00. Moscow, Russia.
Sept/1/2014 Concert. Celebration of the new school year! DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", ulitsa Novaya, 2. Moscow Russia.
Aug/10/2014. 18:00 Performance at "Park Pobedi "(Park of Victory). Moscow, Russia.
June/12/2014 Day of Russian Federation. Concert.  DK Zheleznodorozhnikov. 13:00, ulitsa Novaya, 2. Moscow, Russia.
May/31-June/1/2014 XVII Russian Festival. Moscow, Russia.
May/30/2014. 17:10. Performance. Butovo, Moscow, Russia.
May/15/2014 at 17:00. Concert. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Ulitsa Novaya, 2. Moscow, Russia.
May/9/2014 Concert. Day of Victory in II World War. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Moscow, Russia. Ulitsa Novaya, 2.
May/8/2014 Performance at World Dance Olympic Championship. Moscow, Russia. "Sokolniki".
May/8/2014 Performance. Sokolniki. Open Cup of FSCR. Moscow, Russia.
APRIL/6/2014 Performanse. Luzhniki, Oriflame concert. Moscow, Russia.
March/28/2014,Performance at competition Cup of Federation. Town of Vidnoe. Russia.
March/7/2014, 11:00 Performance at Competition "Vesenniye ulibki". Moscow, Town of Zelenograd. Ozyornay alleya,  2.
January/23/2014, 16:00 Performance. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov",ulitsa Novaya, 2. Moscow, Russia.
December/28/2013, 11:00, Performance. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Novaya ,2. Moscow, Russia.
December/27/2013, 17:30, "Sokolinaya Ohota", Sokolnicheskogo kruga pr-d. 11, Performance. Moscow, Russia.
December/22/2013, 12:00, Performance. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Novaya ,2. Moscow, Russia.
December/21/2013, 16:00, Performance. DK "Zheleznodorozhnikov", Novaya ,2. Moscow, Russia.
December/19/2013, 19:00, Megafon concert. New Year Performance at Expocenter, Krasnaya presnya, Pav.#3.
Nov/24/2013 Performance at Art-Cafe Durov,Theatrium on Serpuhovka, Moscow, Russia
Oct/31/2013 Performamnce at DC "Zheleznodorozhnikov",Novaya street,2. Moscow, Russia
Aug/25/2013 Performance at Belly Dance Festival, Exibition Center (metro: VDNH, Pavilion 1), Moscow, Russia